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Financial and Trade HaiAu Co., Ltd. – precursor HaiAu Co., Ltd., established in 1991 working in the field of business specialized vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts. Over 20 years of operational experience with the availability, we have been a partner and vendor reputation, leading effectively to customers at home and abroad. In the early days with innumerable difficulties of a young business before the business sector risky and adventurous, with effort and their own internal resources we have gradually gained confidence and became the partner of many major corporations such as Hyundai, Samsung, Kamaz, Daewoo, Sakai, Hitachi, DongFeng and suppliers of the Group familiar, Corporations Song Da, Cienco, Licogi, Hoa Phat, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Truong Thinh ….

金融和贸易HaiAu有限公司 – 前体HaiAu有限公司,成立于1991年的经营专用汽车,工程机械,叉车领域工作。超过20年的可用性的操作体验,我们一直是合作伙伴和供应商的信誉,有效地导致客户在国内和国外。在与年轻的业务无数困难企业部门的风险和冒险前,用努力和自身内部资源的初期,我们已经逐渐获得了信心,并成为许多大型企业,如现代,三星,卡玛斯,大宇,酒井的合作伙伴,日立,东风和供应商的一批熟悉,公司桑达,Cienco,Licogi,HoaPhat,HoangAnhGiaLai,TruongThinh的….

In the first 10 years of existence and development stages of merging, splitting and have great difficulty stock impassable We maintain and protect a strong brand HaiAu-BinhMinh.

2001 was a year marked an important turning point for us. Recognizing the demand and market conditions appear new opportunities company leaders decided to change and invested heavily in quality and quantity. The first change the company name to “Financial and Trade Ha Au Co., Ltd” as of today.


Inheriting the capacity and core values of the company HaiAu Ltd. We are growing and growing evidence of 10 years of planning his 2nd We have achieved remarkable achievement as follows :


 Apparatuses operate fully with departments such as Sales Department, Sales Agents, accounting office, administrative offices, technical rooms, room import and export, market room, room brand, room spare parts …

Our system includes: BinhMinh Forklift Co., Ltd, construction machinery Co., Ltd. HaiAu, Automobile Co., Ltd. HaiAu, Parts Co., Ltd. HaiAu.

Our partners:

  1. As a general agent distribution Dongfeng Liuzhou Group’s exclusive distributor products Chenglong
  2. As a general agent Liuzhou official Liugong Group
  3. As a general agent of Shenzhen CIMC Group
  4. As a supplier of engine Yuchai Group

5. As a general agent of the corporation formally Anhui HELI


With a view to constantly endeavor, constantly evolving We have been investing through the basic steps and upgrade the selling point of the professional distribution centers such as Hanoi, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Vinh Phuc, Lao Cai and Lang Son, Nghe An, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City forward. Ho Chi Minh City. Total area of the showroom and warehouse up on 20ha.

 These results HaiAu-BinhMinh Company achieved during the past 20 years and we always try our best to strive is the strength of both quantity and quality to deserve the trust of agents, customers have for HaiAu-BinhMinh.