• Model: CDD16-AGV11A
  • Động cơ: Điện xoay chiều
  • Nhiên liệu:Ắc quy Lithium
  • Tâm tải trọng: 600 mm
  • Tải trọng nâng: 1600 kg
  • Chiều cao nâng: 3000 ~ 6000 mm

The core controlling part of AGV adopt the NDC8 solutions from Sweden which is safe, reliable and leading the industry

The AGV adopts the world-leading safety devices, which could realize the functions like automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic deceleration, automatic alarm and stop. Classic warehouse logistics vehicle, have flexible and high-efficiency operation.

The controllers, drives, and I/O of vehicle adopts import parts, have good reliability and powerful performance. The vehicle platform adopts the product that HELI developed and manufactured by itself. The reliability of the product have the direct guarantee of Heli

AC driving system is maintenance-free and has no carbon brush. AGV adopts the floating skid-resistance driving mechanism with own intellectual property rights.

AGV is eqiupped with automatic slow-down function at curve to ensure the safety.

AGV is quipped with interactive HMI to help customer to monitor status of the vehicle.

AGV is eqiupped with lithium battery which has long service life and better duration time.

AGV Adopts the laser navigation technology, have high positional accuracy

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