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Reach truck 1.8 tấn

  • Model: Càng cắt kéo
  • Động cơ: Điện xoay chiều
  • Nhiên liệu:Ắc quy chì-axít
  • Tâm tải trọng: 600 mm
  • Tải trọng nâng: 1.8 tấn
  • Chiều cao nâng: 3 m ~ 6 m
Danh mục:

●AC motor drive with high efficiency, no need to replace carbon brush, very good ramp starting performance.
●Two model function can control the speed of lift and lowering.
●Low center of gravity, excellent stability for operation.
●Small turning radius, good turning performance.
●With advanced variable frequency AC motor free maintenance and excellent performance.
●Can control the speed of driving and lifting in the same time.
●Shock absorber system support good noise reduction.
●Wide view mast and clear visibility.
●With full free lifting, can work in the limited roof environment.
●Import proportional hydraulic valve, adjustable speed for lifting/lowering.
●Muti-function display: battery status, hour meter, fault code, slow running state, etc.
●Big power controller (350A) with big power electric motor (10KW), support excellent reliability.
●Double scissors reach fork let the reach distance up to 1000mm.
●The mast fixed with the frame, when fork move forward, the mast can become the balance weight, reduce the total service weight.
●With advanced 36V electric control system, smaller electric current, ensure the reliability of the battery system.
●High speed of lifting and lowering, 300% faster than normal type truck.

●Side way battery is very convenient to do maintenance and replace batteries.
●CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity, making the line clear and orderly. increases the truck`s reliability and easy to repair.
●The Mast can be separate from the frame, very good interchange ability(option).

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