3 bánh 1.5-2 tấn

  • Model: Đứng lái
  • Động cơ: Điện xoay chiều
  • Nhiên liệu:Ắc quy chì-axít
  • Tâm tải trọng: 500 mm
  • Tải trọng nâng: 1-2 tấn
  • Chiều cao nâng: 3.3 m ~ 6 m


Side stance for operator to see well forward and backward.

Automatic park brake applies when operator leaves the compartment or shuts forklift off.

Operator Compartment

Rear padding and armrest help reduce fatigue.

Multifunction control is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

All controls are within easy reach to help reduce body strain.

Compartment floor is angled and spring suspended to reduce leg and back strain.

Energy efficiency

With optimized hydraulic system, truck is more energy efficient

All LED lights saves 80% of light energy.

Regenerative motor braking recycles more energy during braking cycles.

Programmable speed and acceleration settings can be set for maximum energy efficiency.

Improved operator’s view

Larger, rounded overhead guard is stylish and combined with strategically angled bars provides maximum visibility.

Newly designed, wide view mast with special chain enlarges the operator’s view looking forward.


Rear handle w/horn button promotes greater safety when operator is traveling in reverse.

Ratchet type hand-brake for ease of operation.

Entry and exit of operator’s compartment from both sides.


Side door gives good access to drive motor and gearbox.

Chassis components are well laid-out can be accessed with removable top and front covers.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model CPD15 CPD15 CPD18 CPD20
Configuration No. SQ-GA2R SQ-GB2R SQ-GA2R SQ-GA2R
Load Capacity kg 1500 1500 1800 2000
Load Center mm 500 500 500 500
Standard Mast Lifting Height mm 3300 3300 3300 3300
Overall Length(without forks) mm 1720 1770 1770 1835
Overall Width mm 1075 1075 1075 1075
Max. Gradeability with load % 15 15 15 15
Thông số
Báo giá
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